Robert Blowing Glass 1 5 18 056TU 300X200 Robert Lagestee was born into an artistic family in 1991. He was always surrounded by the beautiful glass of his grandfather Charles Lotton. As a young child he would come to his grandfather's glass studio to watch him create beautiful works of art glass. Even then, he dreamed of one day becoming a glass blower.

In 2005 Robert made a few pieces of glass in his grandpa's studio. Although naturally talented in glass blowing, Robert decided to work with his father in the family grocery store. Years later, in November of 2015 he returned to his first passion and started working and assisting his grandfather making glass. Charles could see Robert's desire to become a glass artist and began to teach him the art. He was like a sponge, soaking up each detail.

Today Robert pursues his new career developing his own designs in Vases, Paperweights, Paperweight Sculptures, Bowls and Perfumes.  One day he desires to be an established glass artist like his grandpa, Charles Lotton...

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